Nagi Noda • What Goes Around Comes Around

It's such a sad news that she passed away in Sept this year.

Nagi Noda was a multi-talented Art Director & Director who's born in Tokyo. Other than doing prints, she also directed music video & tv commercial. I really like her out-of-the-box style of execution.

A mv of Yuki entitled “Sentimental Journey” is one of her stunning works that leaving me watching it over and over again.

This is the much-loved awesome Coke commercial that she did for Mother, UK.

//Coke : What Goes Around//

Denis Guidone • Ora Unica

A "less is more" watch designed by Denis Guidone who won the international design competition Adamo Eva.

His winning piece is called "Ora Unica" which means "One hour". I just love the idea of the time pointer which is actually represented by a single line circular shape doodle. Which means the "doodle" shape changes all the time. At first glance some may not realize that it actually tells time, but watch lovers like me would "learn" to tell time in no time.

I heart it!

//Ora Unica//

//Ora Lattea//

//Ora Vago//

/Ora Ameba//

High Heel Design for Injured Fashionista

I guess it's a sign. These shoes are telling me that they are the perfect match for me for the time being(for people who know what happened to me). They are made for injured fashionista.(kidding)

These oddly aesthetic but very functional work of art is designed by Gwendolyn Huske, a designer who is studying at the design academy in Eindhoven, in the department of man and identity.

These are her works of graduation called "Medic Esthetic". Shoes made by real medical materials and supplies.

//image by René van der Hulst//

//Close-ups by Marzellluz//

I like this!