Typography in Fashion

It's been there for a while.

Scarf made by numbers, upper/lowercase - black/white/grey.
From Hong Kong, see
online store for more details.

//both images from Little Factory//

Karl Lagerfeld Mugshot Bag

Spring '09

Iconic and you know who that is when you see it. That's Angela Lindvall who's holding it.

Pierre Hardy Shoes Mania

He's the shoe designer for the very noted shoe design. I personally name that particular pair of attention catcher as "heels for the roller bladders" which the tough beauties could decorate themselves with when they are not playing the rough sports but it is actually called the Balenciaga lego sandal. The pic speaks for itself, and it's also one of my fav color combination.

This was designed by him for Balenciaga 07 f/w collection.

It catches my attention a lot when it's first shown on some website back to some time ago, and lately it's as if I found more and more eye candy that would make me mumble "OMG" throughout my browsing times.

To make it short, he designs shoes for Balenciaga, Hermes, and Gap too! Reading about his bio is a very good example of "the more I learn, the less I know". As usual, I did quite a bit of research on him and I admire the fact that he often draws on art and architecture for his source ideas. The marriages of both disciplines found in fashion/graphic design always enlighten me. And often, I always think that good designs should not be crafted in a standard manner, creative explorations and a good art sense are essential in every heart winning goodies.

Here are the latest design which I like.

I'm crazy about his works~

Water Wears KOR ONE

Ever wanted a hip looking water bottle?
You'll savor even plain water every time you quench your thirst, or should I say, you start to love drinking water more? (well I think I am if I have it)

This BPA-free(good for health) water vessel called KOR ONE is designed by RKS.

I'd love to have one! (this might be one of the crazy purchases I would consider)

//750 ml : $29.95//

Sandra Backlund • Fold & Knit

One of my favorites, award-winning Swedish fashion designer.

Here are my favorites of hers.

Vinyl Accessories • Phantasmal

oooh, found some nice vinyl goodies, and yes, the world "vinyl" alone just looks & sounds undeniable!

This collection of accessories called "Phantasmal" are designed by a full time scientist(yes, salute) by day and a full time jewellery and accessory designer by night, Tania Hennessy.

Get the xoxo.

Alex & Chloe • Vintage Plactic Ethics

It seems like a late discovery to me. Alex & Chloe vintage silhouette-ish accessories feed my fashion thirst like a bomb of the greatest spring water.
My new faves.

Plastic, gold, silver, bronze, acid pink - speaking very loudly to my eyes.

and oh ya, the collaboration with Brian Lichtenberg is a flawless one.

It's hot, that's why.

I had never loved a diamond this much. Furthermore it's 0 carat =D.


images from Alex & Chloe.

Brian Lichtenberg • Eclectic Geometrics

I have always liked geometrical shapes inspired stuffs as well as sharp colors combination. I was browsing through my daily dose of fashion food and his design hits right on my g-spot(LOL). Looking at these unisex juicy design I quickly had a bit of research on him and found out that he is quite a bit of fame.

He is known for his futuristic unisex sportswear and often holographic stagewear. Several artists have worn his clothes - Gwen Stefani, M.I.A. and Peaches. Co-incidently, Gwen's label "L.A.M.B." is one of my most favorite style references.

It's like I found a designer that has a very close taste with mine, absolutely loving the metallic paneled leggings which strikes a "bling" on his name in the fashion industry.

Metallic paneled leggings.

Deeply in lurve with this paint-drip dress which you could drool over it with other love-at-first-sight goodies by other designers on the same site.

Primary colors Drip Dress

Drippy hooty.

Eclectic Geometric

black and white stripes.

and this striking sharp "bri-angle"(that's how it is labled) necklace is a collaboration of him with Alex & Chloe(another heart-pounding collection). Absolutely delighting =D!

Michel Gondry • Let Forever Be

Another all-time favorite, a classic work of Michel Gondry(he's crazy, and I like it).
Frame after frame after frame...

//The Chemical Brothers : Let Forever Be//

Psyop • Light Stream Typography

Another all-time favorite(again) music video, and thanks to Psyop for this extremely eye-burning piece of art.(what do ya expect? It's RED HOT Chili Peppers)

//Red Hot Chili Peppers : Fortune Faded//


These chosen personal favorites are the primary factor which makes me constantly take note of the designer which is frequently being compared with Tom Ford. Gucci designer: Frida Giannini.

Black, white and red is always my "less is more" never-go-wrong color combination.

I personally think that these series are inspired by picnic(the check pattern?), outdoor flowers and definitely Japanese zen(black & red). With a touch of the interesting origami from the Japanese culture.

Print commercial piece

The origami style. Love the shoes~

I absolutely love the fabric pattern.

highlight: belt

Gent style

less is more.


Sevigny- comes in Gold too. Bold, contemporary and edgy. I always have a special fond of shoe design like this due to the thick strap on the front of ankle holds the leg in a way that makes the walking carefree.

The golden Sevigny, found that Nine West sort of have a similar design like this called Olavera.

Another Sevigny, my most favorite from the favorite bunch =)

Newton- very tastefully made. The white rim beautify the curves of the whole look. Schweet~