Xbox 360 • Jump In

Agency: McCann Erickson, San Francisco
Creative Directors: John Boiler, Glenn Cole, Scott Duchon, Geoff Edwards
Art Director: Geoff Edwards
Producer: David Verhoef
Director: Frank Budgen

Katamari Damacy Roll & Suck Game

Just one of my all-time favorites, award winning game design.
The game is way more funnier than this ad.

I just like the idea of rolling the balls over people and see them yell and being sucked to my ball(that doesn't sound so right LOL).

//Katamari Damacy//

Polyvore • Black Posh

My first Polyvore set, though having the first few drafts in an "in progress" status, pending to draft them to perfection. Sometimes, having the tendency to do things perfectly itches me so much.


Smoked Bannana • First Peel

Brings out the essence of things.

I like how it tastes like, and I’d like to think that it represents fun, health, joy, creativity, surprise, passion, endearment, kinKYness, wealth; sugar, spice and everything nice(pardon me, stolen ingredients from the PPG).

banana that is smoked should smells contemporary + sexy. I imagined.

So, my Einstein equation:
Smoked {essense} + Bannana {good rod} = Perfect

The extra "n" in banana is an aesthetic value in the sense of typography to me.

I wanted a space to share all the things I like, all the things that I think are beautiful and could bring joy & inspiration to any interests-alike people in the world(do I not sound like a savior? I once hoped to be a cheerleader). A place for me to show what I can do in my expertise may be.(that's why it's called "Window" shopping: shop via browser window)

I’m quite a private person at times. May be I’ve grown up more and have become more protective of my privacy. But at the same time, I wish to share things that I wish to show, I mean, I want to be seen and I don’t want to be seen. Get it? You get it. Thank you.

Additionally, I was excited and kind of troubled of how the blog design should be. The “perfectionism” part conquers me again. I think, sometimes, I lose the likely-precious experience in the process of being too perfect. Mess is art too sometimes(art is what you can always get away with~ Andy Warhol says!). But at times, I could be very spontaneous too without thinking much(eg: eating). How a person I am, sometimes I think I’m “overloaded” and sometimes I think I’m just “empty”.

There are a few sections in this blog, I wish to share every beautiful thing that I came across in the virtual world or thoughts that I want to let known.

Music is inherited in my gene and it stirs inspiration.(how cliché, since everyone says "Music Is My Life" since stone age) How do I know? Try this yourself: write something about yourself WITHOUT listening to music, and then write it again white listening to your favorite music. I find that music makes me more spontaneous and "courageous". hmm... everybody dreams about being a singer nowadays, but not everybody can sing. Even if everybody can sing, not everybody can sing well(nagging is a type of singing). Even if everybody can sing well(I doubt), not everybody have the 1 in the zillion opportunity to be heard by the most influential record labels/artist managements.

I'd like to think of myself as somebody who's not so heard yet. =D

Besides the big talk about music, I like capturing stuffs as well as be self-captured. I think photograph is one of the best memory storage methods. Memory itself sometimes is not that reliable. Co-incidentally, most of my relatives are into the photography tool industry. But I think it does not influence me in that way whatsoever.

Having experience in the photography industry does not make me a pro(yet), but it indeed opens up a lot of windows. Being able to meet beaauuutiful models and skillful photographers at work does not make my life more glamor in any sense. I get a lot of this "I like your job!!!". They gotta have *8 legs, *6 hands, *4 pairs of eyes, *a lot of lips, and may be *10 brains to do multiple things at one time in order to "like the job"(*numbers are not absolute). May be some like the job title better than the job description. To me, the more valuable one is the experience I get and the things I learn from it, not the title that might sometimes mislead people in thinking that I have such a glamorous job. Nothing is glamorous unless you make it one or you are one.(clears throat and scratches head)

I recently has watched Matrix(re-watched the complete series), inspires me in some way. Movies are strange, sometimes I just don’t get it for the first time, watching it the second time brings me so much closer. Seeing myself doing so many things using machines, I feel insecure. Some part of me secretly hopes that it's real, so that I could hope for someone who clips shades on the nose bridge to unplug me to the real red pill world.

I actually intended a short intro, guess I'll settle it with another "compressed" about-me post. This is just merely another spontaneous writing typing. argh...

P/s: Though I think no one would care to read this, if you happen to spend your precious time on this so called “the magnificent" intro post, thank you very much and have a fruitful day! (you must have been very patient)

//who says it doesn't sound right to suck a banana?//

//banana drinks packaging by Naoto FukasawaPlusminuszero//

You know you love me
I think you might love me.


about • arls

Arls: Ariel
Ethnicity: Chinese
Born on: 10th Dec
Horoscope: Sagittarius
I am a girl and am hooked

impatient to things that do not interest/hypocrites.
confident yet feel inferior at times.
observant, sensitive and care very much about details.
friendly, but reluctant to any line crosser.
crazy, when it's time to loose the shoes.

cherishes substantial conversation.
treasures spiritual understanding in love.
loves food.
enjoys gibbering,
sees it as the beginning of award-winning masterpiece...
loathes human selfishness.

Sometimes I feel that the more I learn, the less I know...

可以很獨立 也可以很依賴
可以很有規律 也可以很放縱
可以理性 但會不知覺的感性
可以很有條理 有時也會很笨拙
可以很隨和 也會很執著


less is more是我永不退色的流行指標



watches, fashion, music, lyrics writing(Chinese), shoes, photography, lomography, Polaroid

mic eating, reading(at Kinokuniya), surfing(virtually), writing, point & shoot, peek & listen to neighbours, say hi to CCTV, a** biting, neck sniffing or be neck sniffed, impersonating(friends entertainment)

Gibbers & Doodles:
English, Chinese{mandarin + cantonese} (and some not so useful languages)

Passionate in:
graphic design, photography, fashion, music, writing(Chinese)

Can do:
Serendipity, photography art direction, fashion styling, singing, graphic design, web design(prefer not to)

My heart shines when…
white, noir & blanc, #FF0066, red, fluorescent pink on grey, translucent, white on transparent, silver on black, OPI’s NL M21

watch, vintage, Polaroid, lomo, microphone, rotary dial phone, bubble blowing tube gel, hand writings

photocopied scent, hearty hug, neighbor’s smile, hand-holding in car, smooches on the cheek in cinema, high key exposure, strawberry scent lip balm, ice flakes, airport announcement, recharge sound of the flash, chalk writing, melting chocolate on tongue, draw on back, surprise gifts, accidental discovery, windy bicycle ride, hall sound Christmas carols, jump and sing at concert, after shower, dog’s slips, a lil tipsy without headache, sound of the walking high heels

less is more, newsprint, eyelashes, pointy pumps, mod, vintage

Marc by Marc Jacobs, Preen, Gucci, L.A.M.B.

Karim Rashid, Philippe Starck, Andy Warhol, Jason Brooks, Michel Gondry, Steven Spielberg, Hayao Miyazaki, Tim Burton

Milk X, Wallpaper

王菲, Kahimi Karie, Coralie Clément, Nina Persson, 陳綺貞

SIA, LAMB, 蔡健雅,classic Christmas carols

indie, trip hop, R&B, electric pop, jazz, ambient, lounge

Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn, Liv Tyler, Nicole Kidman, 张曼玉

My man:
Takuya Kimura, Hugh Jackman, Daniel Henney

Sights and touches:
movie title opening sequence, industrial design, pop art, installation art, spot UV, hot stamping, Braille

Eternal Sunshine on my Spotless Mind, PS I Love You, The Never Ending Story 2, The Holiday, The Sweetest Things, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Lola Rennt, Edward Scissorhands, Fight Club, Closer, The Truman Show, Number 23, The Pursuit of Happyness, Perfume

Chibi Maruko Chan 樱桃小丸子, The Powerpuff Girls

Lost, Heroes, CSI, Nip/tuck, ANTM, Project Runway, Engine(Jap), advertisements

cheese Pringles, 70% dark Lindt, Snickers, strawberry Pocky

Real food:
BR’s pralines and cream, cheese, banana, ginger bread, cherry tomato, bitter tiramisu, sashimi + wasabi, Famous Amos

Sweat(or not):
ice skating, yoga,, (be)massage, sky diving(one day)

Emotion soothie:
Jack Russell Terrier

Katamari Damacy(it’s a real stress smasher), Fatal Frame(nice camera), Tomb Raider(I like pyramid), ctrl + shift + C and motherlode(if only reality be done this way).

Childhood memories:
sing and jump on bed(parents’), doodles on the wall beside the study desk, paper dolls, bitten a bully, caught some fireflies(and they died the next day), sour plum ice stick, dog ride(3 secs), 跳格子, press on neighbours/strangers door bell and RUNNN…