Cotton Candy from Candy

I think this "accidental discovery" from me makes a very good Christmas gift for adults who indulge in a little child's play.(eg: me)

Cotton candy making can never be more convenient than using this user-friendly machine, Ame no Wataame (Cotton Candy from Candy) that turns any hard candy into flossy sweets. Simply drop 1 or mix various hard candies of compatible size into the top loader, turn the lever and the candies are ready to be heated. Next, use any long shape thingy(chopsticks for example) and you know what to do to begin making your cheap but nice indulgence.

No fuss of getting the special ingredient for making ordinary cotton candy, you can now have multi flavored candy of your choice in a cotton candy form, how sweet! omg! Sinful mind is getting charged up! Cotton candy that tastes like caramel... a little tip, stab some fruits(like banana?) with a fork and use the fork as the cotton candy holder intead. ummm...

//IF you understand Japanese//

Packaging says "Dying to be Sharp"

I was attracted by the tag lines on one of the product packagings of a beauty salon called Gee Beauty:

Inside every worn down pencil is a point, dying to be sharp.

It's simple yet playfully catchy.

I like this type of typeface.

//Design by GJP Advertising & Design//

Fashion Illustrator • David Downton

Stumbled across this extreme eye-candy. David Downton is a remarkable fashion illustrator from UK and have works as the cover on Harper's Bazaar and many other highly noted fashion publications.

I'm instantly in love with his sensual and sophisticated style of women illustration. Every masterpiece is sexy and soulful.

//Twiggy(who else? =)//

//Tiffany's catalogue and in-store display panels

//Special Edition: 100 years of Fashion Illustration//

//Cover illustration for Shinsegae Style//

//Elizabeth Hurley//

//Erin O'Connor//

//Erin O'Connor//